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Apple Mac Support

Apple Macintosh


Onsite Apple Mac repairs, support, upgrades and general maintenance for home, home/office & small businesses in Greater Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire including:

• Apple Mac operating system reinstalls, upgrades and support

• Apple Mac hard drive replacement and memory upgrades
• Apple Mac basic data recovery / data rescue service

• Apple Mac broadband, networking and wireless networking




Do you repair iPods, iPhones and iPads? No

Do you replace Logic boards, screens & proprietary Mac parts? No

Do you supply Apple Mac parts and accessories separately? No

Can you take a look at my pc too? Sure

PowerBook | iBook | MacBook | MacBook Pro | MacBook Air | Power Mac G4/G5 | Mac Pro | iMac | eMac | Mac Mini




Apple Mac repairs, servicing and support

Hard drive, memory upgrades and general on-site Apple Mac support.

PowerMac G4, G5, iMac SupportiBook, Powerbook, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Support iPod and iPhone Support

Mac Homeworker and Small Business support

Do you work from home or recently setup a new business, click here...


iPhone setup and support


iPhone/iPad setup+support

Email, contacts, calendar and iTunes sync.